Closing another busy week with my first post of 2013, a repost from Groupaya:

Phase I of our 2012 multistakeholder project, the Delta Dialogues is officially done, with the publication of the story of the process and a lunchtime panel in Sacramento attended by 150 people, including journalists and bloggers. Joe Mathews, professional journalist and storyteller, wrote 12,000 page-turning words, giving Michael Lewis a run for his money. The published story, designed by Amy Wu, includes candids of the participants and photos taken by Groupaya staff of the complex Delta landscape, the silent central figure that haunts these difficult conversations. To read the story for yourself, download your own copy heredeltadialogues-phase1-story-thumb-500x670

For those of you curious about how a practitioner thinks about a multistakeholder conflict, join Eugene Eric Kim, Rebecca Petzel, and myself [Kristin Cobble], as we talk about the real story behind the design and facilitation of the Delta Dialogues. [read the original post]

Photo: California Department of Water Resources

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