Afterword(s & design)

After nine years, I’m sunsetting AMY WU words & design. I had a good run under the name—turned out solid work, made some money, had fun.


Hatched in 2006, words & design expressed the breadth of my services and functional approach to design, with an understated directness, like a well-tailored shirt. The wordmark itself in Times New Roman and Helvetica was revised once, when I went back to my maiden name following divorce, but the website design remained unchanged from its 2007 launch until October 2015.

As my focus evolved, however, words & design seemed to resist holding the meeting facilitation and collaboration work I was growing into, and I began to imagine a shift to something different. The new identity, Duende, emerged last year (its creation will be the subject of another post), and now it’s time to close the words & design chapter.

The scant content on the former blog has moved here, and I’m in the process of building out the portfolio. This site,, will be a professional landing page and personal platform for sharing my own creative explorations. I never managed to get into a blogging rhythm with words & design, but I’m making a change starting today. Stay tuned!

Updated October 8, 2015, after retiring the original website.

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  1. grady mcgonagill

    Amy, I just discovered these wonderful blogs, poems, updates. What a treat to read! What a great way to deepen my understanding and appreciation of you! I never doubted there was a lot beneath, beyond and around the professional person I had experienced, but it’s.a pleasure to have that confirmed.
    I hope Duende is working out.

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